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Dipcore is a down hole solutions expert company, specialized in directional bore hole survey, core orientation and data management, providing service with high quality staff and rental instruments to the mining and oil & gas industry.

Founded in 2013, Dipcore offer cutting edge survey instruments to the market world wide. since then, Dipcore worked on its operational and engineering procedures to guarantee a perfect data acquisition in the field and quick whole work-flow from drill rig until geology office.


  • 2013Company foundation

    First brazilian service company specialized in directional bore hole survey and core orientation for mining industry
  • 2014Launch DipNet

    Data base management inovation for survey data
  • 2015North Seeking to Brasil

    Pioneer, bringing the first North Seeking to Brasil
  • 2016South America

    Offer to South American mining industry the faster, accurated and reliable core orientation system available in the world
  • 2017Brazilian Mining Industry

    Operate the first continuous survey tool in Brazil for mining industry
  • 2018DIPlevel

    Developed DIPlevel: first high accuracy level for core orientation procedure
  • 2019Settle office in Lima-Peru

    Partnership with Vektore to offer the V-set software in South America.
  • 2020Settle officie in Lima-Peru


Clients don’t need to care about anything regarding their survey or core orientation scope. dipcore provides skilled field technician, proper instruments, vehicle, data-base management system, specialized engineers to analyze the data and issue reports.


Directional bore hole survey

Dipcore count with cutting edge technology and high quality staff to provide reliable and accurate results for decision making. data are released to the client trough a safe cloud storage system with no delay.




The information regarding the exactly position of the sample of rock  taken along the profile of the well drilled is very important to understand the main angles of the rock formation structure. our team developed operation procedures used for indicate the exactly position of the rock sample pulled out during drilling process optimizing the percentage of cores orientated.



If rental tools mode fits better to your project, you can count with us as well. if the clients have some simple and short scope, Dipcore can teach a training program for specific technician from client about how to operate the instruments and then the customers can do it by themselves. in this case Dipcore can provide a remote support when some problem or doubts come-up.


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